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Organic lavender honey 250g

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Organic lavender honey directly from France Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones?... more

Organic lavender honey directly from France

Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones? Currently and only for a short time this article is % reduced %!  Lavender honey is considered the master class among honeys, not only because of the fantastic taste that comes with the floral nectar, but also because pure lavender honey is a real rarity. The difficulty in producing it is that the bees are only allowed to collect the nectar of the lavender flowers and turn it into honey so that it is pure lavender honey. Organic lavender honey is accordingly even more exclusive, because here attention must also be paid to the organic cultivation of the lavender and the subsequent processing without artificial additives - demanding work for our partner beekeepers in France, but a real treat for you, our customer.

Why we rely on organic lavender honey from France

There is a good reason why almost every type of organic lavender honey comes from France. Especially in Provence there are numerous lavender fields, which can grow and flourish here in full bloom. The climate - incomparable to Germany or other European countries - is exactly adapted to the needs of the sun-loving plant and also provides the ideal habitat for the bees. In order to produce pure blossom honey from lavender, beekeepers set up hives right next to the fields where organic lavender is grown. The abundance of precious flower nectar right on their "doorstep" ensures that the bees draw the nectar almost exclusively from the lavender - and thus produce genuine organic lavender honey, which delights with an exceptionally fruity and sweet aroma. If you want to buy high-quality lavender honey, it is best to go for the particularly tasty lavender honey from France from the beekeeping professional.

By the way: The requirements for pure organic honey are very strict in Germany and are of course monitored. Varietally pure honey may only be titled and sold as such if it is based on nectar that originates at least 60%, but preferably completely, from the specified source - in this case lavender. So as the end consumer, you can be sure that you are getting lavender honey when you order lavender honey.

Buying lavender honey - best quality from beekeeping professionals

Since early childhood, we at Beekeeping Professional have had a passion for bees. Accordingly, we also know what is important in the production of high-quality organic lavender honey. To ensure that we offer you only the best honey varieties, we only work with partner beekeepers from France of whose quality and standards we ourselves are convinced. When selecting potential honey suppliers, we are always supported by our own experience in beekeeping and honey production - because we only want to sell lavender honey that we ourselves are enthusiastic about. Therefore, we rely on regular quality controls to ensure that you are as enthusiastic about our organic lavender honey as we are. If you would like to order lavender honey, we are exactly the right contact!

Buying organic lavender honey - special purity for a special taste

There are good reasons to look for the appropriate organic certification when buying lavender honey. Conventional plants are often sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which are passed on to the bees via the plant's nectar and thus naturally end up in the honey. If this is to be avoided, the hive must be placed immediately adjacent to organic lavender fields so that the animals are surrounded only by untreated plants and do not come into contact with chemically treated nectar. Due to the higher yields when using chemicals and pesticides, organic lavender fields are of course comparatively rare - which is why organic lavender honey is also a real rarity. The fantastic taste, the special naturalness and the absence of chemical additives make our organic lavender honey nevertheless a taste highlight that should not be missing in any household. Convince yourself of the fantastic quality! If you want to buy lavender honey, go for the organic variety and protect your health, nature and the bees.

Buy honey directly from the beekeeper - better quality, healthier bees

There are good reasons to buy organic lavender honey directly from the beekeeper, because mass-produced goods cannot compete with the intense taste experience that real organic lavender honey from the beekeeper offers you. At the same time, of course, this gives you control over the exact ingredients - small beekeepers produce in small quantities and usually know every single swarm of bees that are out in the surrounding organic lavender fields producing honey for you. Accordingly, better care of the individual bee colonies is also possible, from which the general bee population - which is unfortunately constantly backward - benefits in the long term. At the same time, the lively interest in organic lavender honey can also secure the organically cultivated lavender fields in the long term, so that organic lavender honey can continue to be produced, in which no pesticides or chemical additives are contained. When you order lavender honey, you are not only spoiling your palate, but also doing something good for our partner beekeepers, their bees and the environment. A result that is worthwhile for everyone.

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Customer evaluation for "Organic lavender honey 250g"
13 Jan 2022
WOW Ich liebe diesen Honig

Ich habe es zum probieren bestellt und muss sagen, dass ich positiv überrascht bin. Der Honig hat einen super Geschmack. Kleiner Tipp: Einfach mal anstelle von Zucker diesen Honig in den Tee geben.

11 Sep 2020
Sehr guter Geschmack

Sehr gut im Geschmack . Feiner, zarter Lavendelgeschmack. Der Preis ist absolut gerechtfertigt. Genuß pur!

19 Apr 2020
Super Lavendelhonig - sehr natürlicher intensiver Geschmack in Bio Qualität

Ich bin mit diesem Bio Lavendelhonig aus Frankreich sehr zufrieden. Hab schon einiges probiert und muss hier sagen, dass es vom Geschmack wirklich top ist. Der Honig zergeht richtig im Mund. Achtung Suchtgefahr! =D

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