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Buy bees - at the beekeeping professional, your beekeeping store online

Bees are essential for the preservation of our diverse flora and fauna, as it takes over a large part of the pollination in the plant kingdom. Therefore, it is considered the third most important farm animal in Germany after cattle and pigs. Despite the fact that beekeeping has gained considerable interest in recent years and many new beekeepers have dedicated themselves to the task of beekeeping, the bee population as a whole is declining. All the more reason to be interested in bees from Bienenzucht Profi - your beekeeping store online, which stands for healthy, long-lived and high-yielding bee colonies, artificial swarms and queens. You can choose between whole artificial swarms with already mated queens of the peaceful breeds Buckfast or Carnica, single queens for a rich honey production or whole colonies and their offspring, which are already delivered on frames made of Dadant leaf or Zander. You will also find high-quality beekeeping supplies in our online beekeeping store. Rely on the beekeeping professional - the original in bee sales.

Bees sale - from the beekeeping professional in the online store

Who buys in our bee online store artificial swarms , receives a whole bee colony including already mated queen, which is transported separately with companion bees. For the transport (exclusively between March and the end of June) we use of course specially designed boxes, in which there is enough water and food, so that the animals survive the delivery route safely. Our artificial swarms in the online store are characterized by particular gentleness, yield strength and honeycomb resistance - ideally suited for experienced beekeepers and all those who want to become one. An average artificial swarm from our Beekeeping Professional Online Shop comprises 1.5 kg of bee mass, but larger order quantities are also possible upon request - in these cases, an additional quantity discount is granted, which is automatically deducted from the total price during the ordering process. If you need larger order quantities than possible or have questions about buying artificial swarms, we are of course happy to help you by phone or email. For us, customer service does not end with the order - you will also benefit permanently from our years of expertise in beekeeping and bee sales.

Buy Buckfast bees & hive

Want to buy a whole colony of be es and are undecided how to get started? We have prepared for you bee colony offshoots, with which the experience "own bee swarm" can begin immediately. We attach great importance to gentleness in beekeeping, but also the health of the animals and the yield strength are essential for us in the selection of the bee. Therefore, we rely entirely on the breeds Buckfast and Carnica for our bee colonies. While Carnica bees are mainly characterized by their gentle character, the hybrid breed Buckfast has above-average vitality. We therefore recommend that you order as early as possible so that we have sufficient lead time for comprehensive planning of the breeding. Before shipping, we from the beekeeper store online check the beekeeping and the individual offspring once again carefully and go to the bees enough food on the journey. Of course, when shipping our bees, we rely on express shipping, so that the stress during transport is as low as possible. If you want to buy a hive, we at Beekeeping Professional are the right people to talk to - years of experience and expertise in honeybee breeding have made us one of the leaders in bee sales. Convince yourself!

Buying bees - with a healthy queen bee to a rich yield

You already have a bee colony and are looking for an additional queen bee? Of course, you can also buy queen bees online - with us in the Beekeeping Professional Online Shop! We offer you only particularly vital, resistant and high-yielding queen be es of the Carnica and Buckfast breeds, which have been optionally mated with beehives or stand mated. The lineage of our queen bees from in-house breeding can also be traced back perfectly and goes back to absolutely purebred queen mothers, most of which have been artificially inseminated. Of course, our stock of queen bees is limited - so order as early as possible so that we have enough time for planning and preparation and can deliver the queen bees to you on time. For shipping, we use specially designed boxes in which the queen bees are shipped to you with the help of an additional cage, some accompanying bees and sufficient food. Of course, for the protection of the animals we choose express shipping, so that the stress remains as low as possible and you receive healthy, lively queens. If you want to buy a bee, you are guaranteed at the right address in our beekeeping professional online store.

Beekeeping store online - buy bees and bee accessories

In addition to the animals themselves, you will of course also receive a lot of accessories in our online store, which should not be missing in the daily beekeeping routine. The focus is always on basic equipment that is needed by both hobby beekeepers and professional beekeepers. We are characterized not only by excellent and proven quality, but also by fair prices, which our customers have appreciated for many years. Whether you are looking for a hive or the wooden bee box, looking for frames in Zander or Dadant size or directly want a full starter package - with us in the beekeeper store online you are exactly right. If you are not sure which accessories you need for your beekeeping project, the team of beekeeping professionals is of course happy to advise you.

Our tip: Are you a bulk buyer of beekeeping supplies and accessories and need large quantities from our beekeeping store? Contact us for bulk orders by e-mail, so that we can negotiate individual special conditions with you.

Optimal advice from professional beekeepers - buy honey bees, get quality

Many aspects are important when it comes to buying honey bees - but above all, experience plays a major role when you want to buy a hive. Especially as a new beekeeper or beginner who wants to start with an own bee colony, the advice of the seller is essential. We are at your side - with practical tips, advice and a quick availability , as soon as questions arise with you. You can reach us by phone as well as by mail. Of course, we care a lot about the well-being of our bees, so we are still available for you after your order. Benefit from our years of experience and outstanding expertise in beekeeping, the individual breeds and the necessary accessories. We are looking forward to your message!

Will I get healthy bees?

In general, the beekeeper from whom you purchase the bees is responsible for providing you with healthy bees only. However, unfortunately, sometimes the practice is not as it should be. We therefore recommend that you ask around and perhaps also research on the Internet which providers are good or rather mediocre to bad. If a vendor has been around for many years, that is at least a first good sign. A reputable vendor should always provide you with a health certificate for the colonies.

How do I make sure the bees are gentle?

Here, too, caution must be exercised. It may be, for example, that you can buy bees cheaply(er) from a small or micro supplier: from someone who is giving up his hobby or is just propagating bees as a hobby. But of course you have to be aware that you get what you pay for. A lower(er) price is often also associated with less quality control and testing in breeding. If someone gives up his hobby beekeeping it is also not a "good sign". We offer you only our gentle lines of breeds Buckfast and Carnica breeds. In addition, we also offer the original breed which used to be settled in Germany: the Dark bee - apis mellifera mellifera . All our bees were of course subjected to quality control before being made available.

What is the reaction time of the beekeeper who supplies me?

Especially if you are a young or new beekeeper, it is important to be able to ask in case of doubt. Some beekeepers are not available by email or phone during the season, especially when you need advice or a new queen. Also this "factor" on which the survival of your colony can depend, is to be considered with the purchase decision. If a beekeeper or breeding company does not get back to you at all or only after more than a week, if you have questions before or about your order, then you have to reckon with the fact that the response time will not be the best even during the season. We are known for our quick availability and can offer good advice on short notice in case of your challenges.

Information and tips for beekeepers

We recommend that every beekeeper take a proper beekeeping course or find a local beekeeper mentor who can teach you the most important things about a bee season and continue to guide you in the future. In addition, at a beekeeping course you will meet like-minded people with whom you will certainly have even more fun beekeeping than alone. A registration in the local beekeeper association can also make sense, since here much concerning the administration is organized by the association. Our recommendation is, buy your bees from a professional who already has many years of experience with beekeeping, breeding, providing and sending bees. A beekeeper or a breeding apiary may be good or experienced at breeding - but if they have no experience (or little) with shipping bees, then you may very often get your bees dead instead of alive. We have played a major role in developing the overnight express in the field of bees and are also among the pioneers in terms of experience and professionalism. Since we are convinced of our own quality of bees and our logistics, we are one of the few to offer you a live guarantee. Last but not least, we would also like to recommend that you purchase your bees from a domestic supplier. Every year we experience customers who buy bees from foreign suppliers supposedly cheaper, but the whole thing then backfires due to communication difficulties, different assumptions or simply different rules at home and abroad. So it can happen that you burn hundreds of euros and in case of doubt (if there are no more bees elsewhere) you have to wait for the next season.

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More explanatory information can be found in our Bee glossary and in our FAQ section (frequently asked questions).

Buy bees and accessories in Germany

Bienenzucht-Profi is one of the largest suppliers of bees and beekeeping accessories in Germany with locations in various cities in Baden-Württemberg (Heidelberg/ Mannheim on the border with Rhineland-Palatinate), in Hesse (Nidderau near Frankfurt) and on the border with Bavaria and Thuringia (Flieden). Unfortunately, due to a company move, the location in Lower Saxony (Vechelde between Braunschweig and Hannover) is no longer current. If you are interested in a pickup, please contact us.

Shipping and delivery of bees are realized by default within Germany to all federal states including Berlin, Brandenburg (Potsdam and rural area), Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Schwerin and rural area), North Rhine-Westphalia (Düsseldorf and rural area), Saarland (Saarbrücken and rural area), Saxony (Dresden and rural area), Saxony-Anhalt (Magdeburg and rural area), Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel and rural area) and Thuringia (Erfurt and rural area) and the federal states already mentioned above.

Internationally we deliver our bees and colonies to France (Strasbourg as well as Southern France), Switzerland, Austria, Italy (South Tyrol), Luxembourg and Belgium. Our queens are delivered throughout the EU.

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