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Buy Beepackages Buckfast - with mated queen

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Buy Beepackages Buckfast (Carnica) - mated. Orders for 2018 via this website for Beepackage... more

Buy Beepackages Buckfast (Carnica) - mated.
Orders for 2018 via this website for Beepackage Buckfast:

All Beepackages Buckfast (bee colonies) are available from March to June.

Beepackages Buckfast consist of 1.5 kg of bees (Buckfast bees for better acceptation of the queen) and one Queen (separately) with worker bees and enough provisions for the delivery.

The queen and the bee package are delivered together.

At the moment we have only Carnica and Buckfast bee packages available:

  • Buckfast                             (Apis mellifera - hybrid race)
  • Gentle (not agressive)
  • Unwillingness to swarming.
  • High performace in production.
  • Directly breeded from artifically mated queens.
  • Ideal also for reproduction.
  • Queen bees are marked with the year colour.
  • Queen comes in a separate cage with worker bees and enough provisions for delivery.
  • Treated against Varroa.

Different bee races (queen) to chose from:

  • Buckfast (Hybridrasse von „Bruder Adam“)
  • Carnica (Apis mellifera carnica)
  • Kaukasische Biene (Apis melifera caucasica / not available)
  • Ligustica (Apis mellifera ligustica / not available)
  • Dunkle Europäische Biene (Apis melifera melifera / not available)

Attention: Dark European Bee and Caucasica can be less gentle!

The bee package Buckfast is quite handy, as it is independant from the type of hive/ size you use (Dadant, Langstroth or other). You just introduce the beepackage in any hive you want.

If the gentleness is one of the main criteria we propose Carnica or Buckfast stationmated.

Buy Beepackages Buckfast while stocks last.

  • Delivery via express in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium.
  • Professional control by our beekeepers before delivery.
  • Delivery can be done with a special health certificate (on demand).
  • Delivery via Express (1day).
  • Information about delivery date a few days in advance (4-7 days).
  • Delivery in Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark.

Please write us for special demands via email.

1/2 = 1. Half of the month; 2/2 = 2. half of the month.

More information to the bee race Buckfast (hybrid species of apis mellifera):

This bee species is a hybrid species, originating from the Western Honeybee (Apis Mellifera), it developped through the long breeding work of the christian monk "Brother Adam". Brother Adam mated different strong and resistant bee species from all over the world with each other around the year 1916 in the monastary "Buckfast" and as the result of his work, he got the hybrid bee species "Buckfast". The Buckfast has a strong popularity among professional beekeepers and starts to gain also a good reputation among hobby beekeepers. The strinking qualities of this bee species are its vitality, its very strong resistance to sicknesses, its gentleness, its unwillingness to swarming combined with a high degree of productivity and a strong breeding performance, which usually leads to a big bee colony.

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Customer evaluation for "Buy Beepackages Buckfast - with mated queen"
20 Jan 2020
Kunstschwarm ohne Königin war super

Ich habe den Kunstschwarm ohne Königin bestellt und eine eigene Königin zugesetzt. Hat alles gut geklappt. Auch der Versand. Mit dem Service war ich auch zufrieden.

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